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Johnny Depp v Amber Heard

MAY  13, 2022

Johnny Depp v Amber Heard

Watching the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard trial is triggering and angering many REAL survivors of domestic violence. Many feel Amber Heard is perpetuating the stereotype that women create false charges against men and she's hurting women with her lack of credibility and lies that are surfacing in her own recordings and in testimony. In fact, it's not uncommon for the abuser (male or female) to spin things in the opposite direction aka flipping the script, to make their victim out to be the abuser in spite of evidence to the contrary. From my perspective, Amber has flipped the script and is making Johnny Depp out to be the abuser.
Amber Heard is perpetuating the stereotype that women create false charges against men. While that does happen, I know many cases where the men are able to spin in the opposite direction and take a woman who's been victimized and turn her into the abuser. They cut off her connection to her children and create a restraining order and paint her in the most negative light possible.
I have a guest interview with Stephanie Pianades coming up in May, and her abuser (ex husband) was able to flip the script and turn her world upside down by using her daughter as a pawn in the courts. This is a serious problem and seeing this play out on national television is extremely upsetting for victims of domestic violence.
And REAL victims of domestic violence are enraged by Amber Heard's lies, manipulation, sense of entitlement, and utter disrespect for actual victims as she continues to wear the badge of Domestic Violence survivor and advocate.
I cover all of that in this episode and also share a related piece of good news from DV Leap, a national non-profit organization that fights for appellate advocacy for DV survivors who've been wronged in court. They have pro bono lawyers working to help survivors in all 50 states and they just had a big win in my home state, Massachusetts. I share the details in this episode.
My aim is to share all of this for awareness but also to build some faith and how for victims who've had the script flipped and don't feel there's anywhere to turn. Please reach out to DV Leap for support and see if they will take your case or help you with research related to your case.
Please check out DV Leap - https://www.dvleap.org/

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