After the pandemic hit, I saw a greater need to help entrepreneurial corporate escapees break away and create flexible work for themselves. The online business world is overwhelming with shiny objects--courses, coaches, online strategies, and systems, confusing advice from online business gurus. These things paralyze and defeat women who are otherwise savvy in their realm. I launched the Audacious Mamas platform to cut through the chaos and deliver simple, effective ways to get more results in less time and create quick wins that build self-confidence and real momentum.

Here you'll find advice from profitable businesswomen, listen to podcasts or youTube videos on entrepreneurship tools, starting an online business, visibility and marketing, income streams, spiritual, self-development, business efficiency, parenting, and health & wellness tips.

My podcast The Audacious Life, inspires survivors of emotional abuse to find support, break free, and heal from toxic relationships to thrive. These listeners are encouraged to join Audacious Mamas to create financial independence from economic abuse and the excitement of uncapped income potential.

As a single mom of two young daughters, I know it can be tricky to keep all the plates spinning while creating an income and a business that lights you up and gives you the freedom and flexibility to enjoy life, your family, and maintain a sense of self.

I aim to give you simple, clear support and mentoring to create, launch, and amplify your dream gig working for yourself, where you're happy to leave the 9 to 5 behind.

Steph Roberts


Who is Steph Roberts

I've been an online entrepreneur, digital adviser, and trainer for more than 25 years. I shaped the online presence of two successful start-ups, built MIT Web accessibility solutions for over a decade, and coded award-winning websites for public television.

In 2015 I was inspired to share a message of support and inspiration for women exiting the hidden abuse of coercive and controlling toxic relationships. The following year I launched the Audacious Mamas podcast to understand better how high-performing moms in business blend parenting and leadership. I want to empower women who face barriers along their journey and inspire them to step into their power, support them in holding the vision, follow a path to success and see them thrive.



Steph spent 20+ years working on and evaluating websites and software for accessibility and project use. She's worked with countless tools for web, graphics, social media, audio and video editing, blog writing, email, courses, and more.

Sales, marketing, web coding, training, Web accessibility evaluations for MIT
and clients


Social media marketing, Web accessibility, UX content writing, consulting, and PR pitching

Websites, online training, marketing videos, podcast interviews, articles, tutorials, courses, blog posts



I grew up with two older brothers and a single mother who had a successful career in radio sales and was dedicated to her church community. We were typical latchkey kids who figured out life on our own while our mom worked and did her thing.

When I was thrust into a single mom role raising my two little girls, I knew I wanted to do things differently. My parents were deceased, and I was indeed on my own. I had to figure out a creative way to be there for them both emotionally and financially as we all adjusted to a new life in a new town, new schools, and community.

Breaking out of higher ed after many years and starting a digital marketing consultancy wasn't easy but it allowed me the time and flexibility to be the mom I wanted to be while helping clients and honed my digital skills.

It also gave me time to pursue my passion for podcasting and creating content to spotlight hidden emotional abuse and coercive control to help women break free from toxic relationships.

Steph Roberts



It's tough going it alone and there's so much noise out there with strategies, blueprints, and all kinds of messages telling you what you "must have" making you feel exhausted from all of it. I've been there!

Block it out. Focus on you. Your life, Your talents.

Your dream.

Let's make it happen your way. One step at a time.