My goal is to help women ready to escape the rat race and create a business that gives you freedom and flexibility to do all you need to do to be there for your kids without burning out.

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Steph Roberts




I have over 25 years of experience as an online entrepreneur, digital advisor, and business trainer. I've shaped the online presence of two successful startups, built web accessibility solutions for MIT, and coded award-winning websites.

In 2015, I was inspired to share a message of support for women exiting hidden emotional abuse to help them heal, regain their power, and thrive financially. I did this with my first podcast, The Audacious Life, which is still in the top 2% of podcasts for self help.

I launched the Audacious Mamas podcast in 2016 to understand how high-performing entrepreneurial moms blend parenting, self-care, and leadership. Through online courses, coaching programs, and leveraged content, my mission is to cut through the chaos of online business advice to help women create work they love with the freedom, flexibility, and profit they desire.

I actively seek out partnerships with sponsors and affiliates who resonate with my message of empowerment for Audacious Mamas.

If you have a product, service, podcast, or platform that could provide value to my audience, I would love to explore collaboration.

My focus is on inspiring women, holding the vision for their transformation, and supporting them in following a path to succeed on their own terms with content, community, and connections.

If this mission speaks to you, let's talk about how we can uplift Audacious Mamas together.

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With 20+ years evaluating and enhancing platforms to maximize performance and profitability, I have extensive knowledge in web accessibility, SEO, content creation, UX design/writing, and branding.

This diverse expertise allows me to provide tailored coaching so ambitious entrepreneurial moms can: shorten learning curves, cut through noise, and build scalable automated income streams that create life on their terms.

Sales, marketing, web coding, training, Web accessibility evaluations for MIT
and clients


Social media marketing, Web accessibility, UX content writing, consulting, and PR pitching

Websites, online training, marketing videos, podcast interviews, articles, tutorials, courses, blog posts



Supporting Mamas to Create Work They Love

I was raised by a hardworking single mom who taught me resilience and independence. As a single parent myself, I wanted to build a different life for my daughters - one with more flexibility and connection.

After leaving higher ed, I launched a digital consultancy that allowed me to blend parenting with creating online businesses for my clients. Through those experiences, I realized many ambitious women lacked access to simple, effective advice to build profitable online platforms that support their families.

Now, I actively seek partnerships with sponsors and affiliates who provide valuable services, products and platforms to my audience of entrepreneurial mothers. My goal is to shorten their learning curve while maximizing their income potential through leveraged content and establish multiple income streams.

I spotlight emotional abuse recovery on my podcast because financial empowerment aids healing. By supporting mothers to create automated businesses with freedom and profit, they gain independence to leave toxic situations and thrive.

My mission is assisting Audacious Mamas to generate work they love, on their own terms, with content, community and connections. If this ethos resonates with you, let's collaborate to uplift more women together.

Steph Roberts



It's tough going it alone and there's so much noise out there with strategies, blueprints, and all kinds of messages telling you what you "must have" making you feel exhausted from all of it. I've been there!

Block it out. Focus on you. Your life, Your talents.

Your dream.

Let's make it happen your way. One step at a time.