Audacious Mamas - Inspiration and Strategies for Mompreneurs

Wonderful podcast!

I was introduced to the Audacious Mamas podcast when Steph invited me to be a guest and speak about my book “Unapologetic” and I must say, I am so happy to have found it! As a stepmom and dog mom- I too, find juicy morsels in Steph’s podcasts! I have found it equally entertaining and inspiring. Highly recommend!

Making a difference one mom at a time!

I really enjoyed Steph's interview with Kerry Walls. She led the conversation in a way that helped drive home the points so people listening could take away the golden nuggets of information. Obviously, Steph is a great listener, keeping her audience in mind.

Awesome podcast!

The materials are super practical and useful. I’m learning a lot!

Giving "voice" to the mompreneurs!

Really fantastic practical and personal advice for entrepreneurs with a specific emphasis on moms! Stephani gives "voice" to the challenges that exist in business and provide actionable advice for what to do in various situation as well as tips for entrepreneurs that can help them truly increase their sales! A really excellent podcast and looking forward to her continued exploration of the REAL, and often painful, "behind-the-scenes" for many women in terms of the impact of personal experiences that may have created challenges for them in business and in life. Really excellent podcast!

I listen to better understand my wife

My wife is a SAHM and I did not fully understand what she was going through until I found this podcast. It is a tough job and Stephani has help put it in persepctive for me.

Love it!

I am a mompreneur so this is right up my alley! I love the tips and the inspiring messages. Thanks, Stephani!

Love it

Great inspiration for women!

Enlightenment for everyone, not just Mamas!

I love listening to these podcasts because they’re not only inspiring to audacious Mamas but they shine a light on mothers’ beautiful challenges that aren’t on my radar as a non-Mama. It has helped me understand my own mother better, relate better to my girlfriends who are mothers and appreciate more the evolving consciousness of raising kids!

A great show to inspire

What I love this show is how it inspires women. As a man I'll tune into this show, listen, get educated, entertained and inspired! Thank you Stephani for this show!

Very Relatable!

I listened to the website on cover your butt with legal stuff. It was very informative and relatable. Steph has a way of asking compassionate questions and making more complex subjects really easy to understand.

Inspiring and pragmatic

Real mamas stepping up and audaciously living 'in the arena.'