April 13, 2021

Repurposing Content: The Secret Weapon of the Pros

Repurposing Content: The Secret Weapon of the Pros


As a content creator, the push to create new content is continuous. But the most significant trend is content creators who forget that their creation doesn't have to be 100% original to be valuable, liked, and shared.



If you're a podcaster, blogger, YouTuber, or someone who goes live frequently, you feel the pressure to create consistent content and show up regularly. 

Content creators rarely take what's been done and repurpose it for other channels and in new formats.


Clever creators take their video, podcast, blog, tweet it, share it, and possibly reuse it as-is on other platforms. Blogs get posted to Medium; YouTube videos get reformatted for IGTV, Facebook Watch, or LinkedIn, and Podcasts get pushed to YouTube or syndicated to podcast channels like Spotify, Overcast, etc.

It's the rare few who fully utilize repurposing to create omnichannel, omni-format content, to create true omnipresence.



To be clear, when I say omni-content, I mean we can take our blog posts and re-imagine them in new ways: short videos, infographics, audiograms, Stories, and more.

All the new content types can be spread across multiple different content channels. If you've never tried posting your content to a totally new channel, you might be surprised by the positive traction you'll get. 


Repurposing takes maybe 20% of the effort, or even less, if you have a virtual assistant or staff to help spin existing content into new content types.


We can take our podcasts and make them into multiple blog posts pulling out the specific talking points. Focus on the comments within a social share or feedback from your audience about their best takeaways from the episode. Zoom in on that to turn it into something else.

You might be wondering why we'd want to do this, apart from saving time.

You invest 30 minutes to an hour just recording a podcast or being a guest, going live, and many hours recording a video for youTube. If you think of it like upcycling, you begin to see all content as a gold mine for something new, different, and possibly superior to the original—more creative, an extension of the first thing but completely different.

Upcycle definition


Take a trampoline. I'm a big fan. I love trampolines and always will––they bring out the kid in me, and I usually wind up laughing.


But in this example from Musely.com, you can see an ordinary trampoline turned into a chic hanging canopy seat. As an adult, I'd have to say the upcycled object far better. It's beautiful, romantic, and fun. 

Trampoline turned into Chic hanging canopy chair

When you look at the content you created, don't let it sit on your hard drive as-is or publish it once and call it a day.

Rember this trampoline visual and begin to imagine what you can do with what you started. 

It's just a start.

That giant piece of clay you slapped on the wheel. You can re-imagine it and turn it into something else.

Maybe it's a fun quiz to build your list.


Maybe it's a handy branded infographic to show people what you know and build your authority as an expert.

Maybe it's a series of images for an Insta carousel post. And that get's re-used as a Story or creatively shared to Reels.

Maybe you had an interview that was such a hit you decide to create a room on Clubhouse and invite your followers or a guest to dig deep and ask questions.

Your options are limitless. 

When you start to do this, you're building consistency and demonstrating your knowledge and expertise across platforms and numerous ways. You can automate these shares and drive all that extra traffic to the one place you feel most comfortable engaging and following up with your people. And if that's not your thing, enjoy the new traffic and delegate the interaction to a trusted VA or intern.