Feb. 20, 2021

Ep 76 - How to turn your children's book idea into a career

Ep 76 - How to turn your children's book idea into a career

with children's author and book coach Laurie Wright

How to turn your children's book idea into a career with Laurie Wright

Laurie Wright is an example of patient persistence and going with the flow when inspired. Laurie shares her inspiration to write her first book and the many years that passed before she had the courage and time as a busy mom to dive and do something with it.

This interview is timely because Laurie's books are all about supporting kids, something all ours need in this time of quarantine. Many moms are home and out of work, not by choice, and looking for motivation to pursue an idea or passion, especially one that can bring in more income. I want to share this episode to show you what's possible for you.

In this episode, we cover...

  • What inspired Laurie to write her first book
  • How long it took and the circumstances that led to her revisiting her book and deciding to get it published
  • What's the investment for getting a children's book published
  • Common challenges and mindset issues for people getting their book off the ground
  • Laurie's bulk book orders on Amazon
  • Her husband becoming co-owner of the business and working part-time in his day job
  • Domestic life: how Laurie and her husband divided time and chores
  • Early success with her books and the road to becoming a book coach
  • Importance of not getting caught in perfection
  • How many books Laurie sells in a day
  • Pushing through perfection
  • "If you try, you can either be successful or be unsuccessful. But if you're unsuccessful, you get the experience. "


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