June 11, 2018

How to Build Your Business without Fancy Funnels with Marc Mawhinney

How to Build Your Business without Fancy Funnels with Marc Mawhinney

Part 1 in our Simplify Your Business Series

Marc Mawhinney is the Coach for Coaches, a two-time podcast host, and a longtime entrepreneur who prides himself on regular email contact with his audience and simplifying his efforts.

Marc is the perfect person to kick off our series on simplifying your business and processes. We tend to complicate things, and Marc's coaching is all about simplifying and getting more bang for your buck and more results for your efforts.

In this episode Marc touches on daily email, posting and making offers, being a podcast guest, and having a traditional newsletter. You'll hear his perspective on what works, what doesn't and how to get more engagement with your audience.

He also happens to be a master content creator and that's the other big reason I wanted him on the show.

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