April 5, 2018

How to Manage Recent Changes in Social Media

How to Manage Recent Changes in Social Media

Plus tips and avoiding malware infection

By now you may be tired of hearing about Facebook. I get that. Me too! But I have a few positive things I want to share with you, specifically if you have a business page that you've let go of or have given up on.

Today's episode is all about the recent changes in social media, Twitter has had some big developments too!

I share insights on what worked, what I'm changing, and what to do with your twitter account, how to avoid a crazy malware scheme that almost took me down.

And, BONUS, a super simple way to basic video editing with FREE software that's not timeline based. Save yourself time and headaches!

Mentioned in this episode...

My Facebook Business page - lots of tutorials mentioned in this episode...

Specific videos

Don't Land Yourself in Twitter Jail - New Terms of Service 

Part 1- How Malware Can Take Over. What you can do about it.

Part 2- Get Rid of Malware - Removing Search Strings

Super Simple Video Editing - put the FUN back into your videos

How to put your JPEGs on a Diet - Super Simple & FREE

Great Tool for Your Social Media Content Calendar


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