Feb. 16, 2018

How to Use Messenger Marketing for Your Business

How to Use Messenger Marketing for Your Business

Conversion rates of 90% make messenger marketing and chatbots the new email on steroids.

With a conversion rate of 90%, messenger marketing, and chatbots are quickly becoming the new "email on steroids." It's not enough to be focusing on building your list, if you're not using messenger to collect your leads and connect you with your audience, you're missing out big time.
This week's guest, Balint Pataki, specializes in chatbots and messenger marketing. Chatbots are the artificial intelligence behind messenger marketing.
In this episode, you'll learn why messenger marketing is an important marketing tool for you and how to get started. We discuss different methods to leverage via messenger marketing, some interesting rules Facebook has in place to protect your potential clients and leads, and how to connect with your audience regularly in a respectful and engaging way.
A few things messenger marketing can do to help your business:
  • creates a list of people interested in hearing from you and learning about your products and services
  • allows you to quickly add people to your messenger list with little effort
  • allows you to be available and connect with your audience 24/7
  • allows you to send your audience alerts to your events and Facebook live streams
  • allows you to share your best evergreen content and build authority
  • satisfies common customer service inquiries quickly and inexpensively
  • saves you money by leveraging intelligent automation vs. a human repeating tasks
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