April 17, 2019

Spend Time in Nature to Keep Your Sanity and Evolve with Susan Boelman

Spend Time in Nature to Keep Your Sanity and Evolve with Susan Boelman

Earth Day reminds us to reconnect with nature

Susan Boelman, lifelong outdoor girl, located in beautiful Bozeman Montana, is founder of the RCKN Outdoor Sisterhood and RCKNit addressing the needs of women determined to become self-sufficient, confident, and empowered in nature and outdoor activities. Her RCKN Outdoor Sisterhood Facebook group is a community of women training women in camping, boating, and trail skills and much more.

Susan holds women's outdoor retreats, special skills classes locally and nationally such as her popular RCKN Reverse class for women seeking live training on how to back up trailers safely with confidence.

In this interview, Susan shares what motivated her to start the RCKN Outdoor Sisterhood, her vision, how she'll be expanding across the U.S. to support building confidence and connection in for women interested in exploring and learning more about outdoor activities.

Hear inspiring stories of her full moon outings, campfire cooking, kayaking on the lake, camp rallies, retreats. And her skills classes where women becoming super-empowered by learning to operate equipment, drive with boat trailers and campers with confidence, handle trucks in steep terrain, and even when to use bear spray!

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