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AI Problems People Aren't Talking About and Why You Should Care

Feb 2023

AI Problems People Aren't Talking About and Why You Should Care EP 96

AI Problems to Avoid

AI Problems People Aren't Talking About and Why You Should Care

I've been discussing the use of AI for productivity. Here I focus on being aware of the potential risks associated with using AI that people aren't talking about but can have a major impact on your brand.

Discussing the limitations of Chat GPT and problems we can run into if we're not aware. One big one is the fact that data was pulled before 2021, so any new research with a present-day focus isn't accurate.

As a single parent with a handful of parenting challenges and more time and caregiving needed, my goal is to leverage time to be as efficient as possible. I'm EXCITED to use AI and embracing it while keeping an open mind around limitations.

ChatGPT has limitations

Chat GPT is great for generating content quickly, but it's important to be mindful of its limitations.

Google has filters to determine if the content was created by bots, which can lead to suppressed rankings in search engine results.

Content generated by superior tools such as Content at Scale is more likely to pass these filters and appear higher in rankings. Also, copyright issues related to AI-generated content have not yet been ironed out, making it important to add a human element to generated content.

Your voice is powerful, use it
Taking time to massage content and add a unique voice can help to set our content apart from others who don't have time or don't realize how important it is.

When using AI to generate content, it is suggested to comment somewhere in the content, such as at the bottom, that it was generated using AI.

It is still unclear what the legal implications of using AI-generated content are, but it is recommended that the more one can have a hand in the content, the more it is theirs.

One example of AI-generated content tools is the MidJourney word-to-art tool, which allows one to type in a word and specify the style and look of the image it generates, such as the type of lighting and lenses used.

AI tools can be used to create art and content to sell online with minimal copyright infringement concerns.

An AI detractor became a fan due to this tool!

Julia McCoy, the founder of Content Hacker, is an example of someone who has shifted her thoughts around using AI tools to create content.

In addition to founding Content Hacker, she's now Vice President of Content at Scale, an AI company that creates natural and human-like content that passes AI checkers.They also explicitly state that what is generated using their tool belongs to the customer.

Content at Scale is a paid tool, with a low-end entry point of $150.


0:00:00 Benefits and Risks of AI Tools for Productivity

0:01:59 Limitations and Risks of Using AI for Content Creation

0:07:40 Legal Considerations for Using AI in Content Creation

0:09:23 AI-Generated Content: How to Leverage AI to Create and Own Your Own Content

0:11:35 AI for Creative Projects: Benefits and Tips

0:13:13 AI Technology in 2023: Tips for Streamlining Your Content Creation Process

Are you using AI yet? If so, what for?
I'd love to hear your take on AI. 

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