JUNE 29, 2021

Are your clients women? New research study - communication style effects our mental health Ep. 82

New research study on communication by Evolve MKD
We've been through colossal change collectively this last year. So when I saw the research by EvolveMKD, I knew I needed to share it on the podcast. They found a strong link between communication and mental health in women, and some of it flies in the face of the idea that we are better communicators.


In this episode, I share some of the key findings, the different styles of communication women have and how each type of person is impacted differently in terms of mental health. This aspect of the study is helpful for connecting with your clients via social media, language on sales pages and offers, how we choose to connect in-person, and the potential big wins around live events and retreats.

Key points from the study:
Of the Americans who reported a change in their mental health, more said it worsened during COVID-19 than in the last 10 years:


Women are more impacted by those around them than men - 69% let other people's emotions affect their own

75% of women said their mental health was negatively affected by COVID-19 compared to 50% of men

90% of women said COVID-19 impacted the way they communicate with others. And 1 in 4 said their relationships deteriorated.

Social media had a more significant negative impact on women than on men--30% vs. 18% of men.

EvolveMKD worked with Dr. La Keita Carter to develop tools for women to check in on their mental health before communicating ('Mental Health Checklist').

Grab the Research Study on Communication by Evolve MKD which includes the Mental Health Checklist
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I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Does this resonate? Did this study inspire you to reevaluate how you connect and communicate with your audience and clientele? If so, how?


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