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Feeling your way to success with Amy Wong of Alwaysonpurpose.com

MAR 8, 2022

Feeling your way to success with Amy Wong of Alwaysonpurpose.com

Show Notes:

It's International Women's Day 2022, as I post this. I'm thrilled to feature Amy Wong, an incredible Mama who's an executive leadership coach advising leaders, executives, and teams on all things related to growth, transformation, and flow.

Here Amy shares the lightbulb moment after she had her first child and how she's shifted out of the traditional "shoulds" that are the formula for success and learned to tune in and feel her way to what truly lights her up, helps her live on purpose, be happy and truly thrive.

Consider how anxiety, stress, living in survival mode, and being resilient often takes us OUT of our bodies and our natural intuition. We have the best of intentions but it skews and amplifies some of the most negative unhealthy emotions that make us feel stuck.

So many thoughts here about shifting out of that and learning to BE and listening to our natural urge for something more.

And, how that shift can be the biggest gift to regaining our sanity as moms and thriving and finding abundance and joy!

Check out Amy's NEW Book! Coming May 4th.

Amy's website: https://www.alwaysonpurpose.com/

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Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/amyelizawong

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