4 Apr 2019

Drop Your Agenda as a Coach. Seek Results. Do No Harm. with Kerry Walls

APRIL 4, 2019

Drop Your Agenda as a Coach. Seek Results. Do No Harm. with Kerry Walls

Coaching with Integrity

Show Notes:

Kerry Walls, is a rare gem. She has experience that's perfectly suited for the blended challenges of human nature and business. Kerry's unique background in education, small business, and counseling psychology, combined with her experience as a successful CEO fuels her approach to coaching high performing and high potential leaders allowing them to create breakthrough results in their businesses and careers.
Our conversation takes us many places in this interview but the highlights for me were the importance of true connection between coaches and clients, honest communication, and finding ways to be honest with ourselves so we get out of our own way.

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Kerry on YouTube - How Women Get in Their Own Way
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