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Hire an Awesome VA in a Pinch Ep. 85

Oct 27, 2021

Hire an Awesome VA in a Pinch Ep. 85

Find a qualified VA quickly on a budget

Show Notes:

So many of us mamas in business are searching for help to get work done and get our time back. The struggle is real. But HOW do we find a Virtual Assistant or someone to do the work quickly? We need someone who can jump in with little training and a reasonable amount of direction and oversight.

In this episode, I answer the following.

1. How can I find a qualified VA quickly, in under a week, and have them jump in and hit the ground running?
2. Where do I look for someone for a short-term project like a launch?
3. How can I find someone who's qualified AND affordable?
4. What can I expect the process to be like?
5. Where else can I look if I don't want a VA, I just need a simple project completed quickly like a slide deck, a workbook, a YouTube or podcast edited?

Start looking right away!! Good help is out there and pretty easy to find.

Freeup for Vetted VAs - find the top 1% of qualified VAs for Full or Part-time work. No need to dig through piles of profiles, resumes, and messages.
Fiverr for short term projects Need a pro for a quick project? Check out the top 3-5 people in a search on Fiverr and send them a brief description with any assets to help explain the work and ask them for a bid. See who replies quickly, has a solid bid fee, seems to listen and communicate well, has great reviews, and you love their portfolio.
I hope this was helpful and you feel inspired to get some help and share this with a biz bud or friend.
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Have an awesome day!
Stephani Roberts
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