11 Aug 2021

Parenting During a Pandemic with Robbin McManne

AUG. 11, 2021

Parenting During a Pandemic with Robbin McManne

Parenting for connection in complex times

Show Notes:

My special guest is Robbin McManne is a Certified Parent Coach, author, podcaster, speaker, and consultant for the international personal development app, LiveMORE. She also sits on the Expert Panel and contributes to Newsweek Magazine.
We cover everything from parenting special needs of ADHD, OCD, SPD to technology, signs of addiction, how to get your kids outside, learning to listen and connect vs. lecture—and leading with understanding in the face of difficult times.
I'm thrilled to share this critical episode and happy to share Robbin's resource for parents, her parent-toolbox. A treasure trove of FREE resources to get us through!
You can find more about Robbin and connect with her on social or through her website.
Parenting for Connection
Robbin on Facebook
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Robbin's Parenting Our Future podcast
Robbin's Parent Toolbox site, updated weekly with free resources.
Her book, The Yelling cure
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