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Reality Check: When being a mom interrupts business plans

Oct 15, 2022

Reality Check: When being a mom interrupts business plans

I've missed you! I love podcasting. I love creating content. And I so love being able to help people and earn a living.

But, reality check, being a mom will interrupt business. Period. And these past two months have been rough. What we've all been through is something I wouldn't wish on anyone. And the amount of time, energy, and focus has been above and beyond anything I could have predicted.

Stuff happens, and we need to be prepared.

So this episode is about what life throws our way and how we as caregivers will likely take a hit when someone gets sick, needs to be hospitalized, or needs a higher level of care from us for some time. We must set up our lives to account for these gaps of complete demand on our time.

Being more strategic with my earnings and creating income streams that aren't dependent on my time allowing for as much flexibility as possible, is now an absolute necessity, as is my daughter's recovery and overall mental wellness as a family.

Related to this, check out the youTube video I created about a simple side gig where you can make $100+/hour with quick zoom calls for for a marketing company that does user studies and pays well. This is something you could do even on the tightest schedule, that's why I'm including it here.

Check it out: https://youtu.be/vEG8UdlvjqU


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Thanks for tuning in!

Lots of Love! xoxo

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