20 Dec 2017

Recapturing Your Soul With Jessie Gardner

Dec. 20, 2017

Recapturing Your Soul With Jessie Gardner

How to be a positive disruption in the world

Show Notes:

Jessie Gardner was on a solid path to success in her role and had just been promoted to a Director level position. She should have been excited and feel full, but she realized she was anything but happy. That awareness woke her up and stirred something deep inside that called for more.
In this interview, Jessie shares how her life changed after that wake-up call and how she morphed that experience into a movement and a gift subscription box business to inspire people to seize the day, shake things up, and be a positive disruption in the world. Her Hey Soul Manifesto is inspiring. Check it out: http://heysoul.co

Mentioned in this episode...

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