24 Jan 2021

Survivor to Successful Mompreneur with Emma Ferrick - Ep. 75

JAN. 24, 2021

Survivor to Successful Mompreneur with Emma Ferrick - Ep. 75

Overcoming domestic abuse and using as a catalyst to thrive

Show Notes:

Emma Ferrick embodies all things this podcast stands for. She's a young mother who survived a dangerous domestic violence relationship and found the support and internal strength to reach for a better life when many in her condition would be paralyzed by fear. Her reality was a catalyst for extreme growth and pursuit of career goals that liberated her from her day job, allowing her to be with her daughter while growing her business.
What gave her the edge and helped her push through this extreme situation. Emma shares her story here.

What stands out for her success surviving this situation and thriving as a mompreneur.

  • Emma had an aunt who experienced abuse with a partner, so she understood what it was. Emma had a family member who "got it" and could lend emotional support and perspective. Often all it takes is ONE person who understands to help us get through and come out the other side with hope. Find that one person!
  • She allowed her abuser's mother to see her physical condition after she was attacked.
  • She documented everything and continued to record details while her case was in court and beyond.
  • She did the math. So many women are afraid to look at the numbers and see where their income falls short. When you look at the numbers and face them head-on, you can make a plan to close the gap financially and get ahead.
  • She decided to start a side hustle to earn more income and break free from her 9-5 job.
  • She invested in herself and hired a coach to overcome the fear related to her abuse and any blocks holding her back from success.
  • She found a supportive and loving partner. Her partner encouraged her to start her business and was her cheerleader and mentor.
  • She's not afraid of her story. The more she shares it on podcasts and makes it a part of her business platform, the less fear she has. She's owning her story and setting herself FREE.
  • Check out Emma's business: Elf Operations
  • Follow Emma on IG: @Elf_operations

The episode with the attorney who has a course on how to defend yourself in court, should you need to do so.

One tip: consider a family court lawyer of the day or public defender who understands domestic violence and all the nuances of dealing with a narcissist or personality disordered abuser.
Business templates for contracts when you start your business-- we mentioned this in the interview, and I couldn't remember Karen Taggert. Her episode, links, and details are here.
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