1 Apr 2018

Things Change No Matter How Dark

April 1, 2018

Things Change No Matter How Dark

Focus on optimistic positive outcomes in spite of what seems present

Show Notes:

Listen to your intuition. Believe in the ideas and the sense of things you have deeply embedded in your heart and mind. Focus on the optimistic positive outcomes in spite of what seems present. You will begin to see changes and your expected results.
Here Steph shares where she's heading with the two podcasts, what's around the corner, and a powerful message of hope that arose from a distant bleak memory of leading a double life and living in fear.
A favorite relevant passage from a special book by Ernest Holmes, The Thing Called You.
"It is certain that you must fast from fear if you wish to establish faith. You must fast from confusion if you hope to enter into tranquility. It matters not if your transitions from the negative into the affirmative seems slow, if the ascent from your valley of negation to the mountain top of realization seems difficult. Each step will bring you nearer the summit."

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Working through a toxic or abusive situation and looking for audio affirmations to help heal your emotional trauma?

-- Steph's Bio ---

A Digital Content and Visibility Strategist who's also a single mom of two beautifully wild girls and podcast host of The Audacious Mamas Show and The Audacious Life, Steph offers regular mindset and digital hacks for mompreneurs, podcasters, and entrepreneurs to maximize their time and visibility and maintain their integrity.
She has 20+ years experience online as a web developer and web accessibility specialist working with multiple start-ups, Public Television, Harvard, and MIT and a degree in Film. She's excited that personal storytelling and broadcasting are literally in the palm of our hands.
Her mission is to help women to get unstuck from toxic relationships and circumstances holding them back, so they can find the confidence to jump in and share their stories or vision through these channels. Reaping the financial benefits for business and enjoying the spark and deeper meaning that comes from creating a platform and putting yourself out there for all to see.
Lots of Love,
Stephani Roberts
Author/Podcast Host
I'm a personal branding strategist who specializes in helping women tap into their true potential. I help them identify and showcase the skills, talents, gifts they have to offer so that they can leverage these core qualities with confidence for greater success in both work and life (and be more fulfilled).
I give you back your voice by drawing out what's already inside of you- then we create an actionable plan together step-by-step.
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