30 Apr 2021

Uplevel Your Podcast with a Better Website - Ep. 78

APRIL 30, 2021

Uplevel Your Podcast with a Better Website - Ep. 78

An easy platform I found to take my websites to the next level

Show Notes:

Lots of us are totally fine with our podcast website and we don't give a second thought. On the other hand, there are plenty who dream of a better website but don't think they can afford it. I get it. I was pushed to look for a quick and easy solution and happily found an awesome platform that pulled my site together fast and it was SUPER EASY!!
In the episode, I cover WHY it's worth having a solid self-hosted website to capture email addresses, reviews, get more subscribers, blog, and connect with your audience.
- Why owning your domain name on a self hosted website gives you credibility
- Ways to connect more directly with your listeners
- See the temp (new) site at AudaciousMamas.com
- Use affiliate link for podpage: https://www.podpage.com/?via=stephani
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Stephani Roberts
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I'm a personal branding strategist who specializes in helping women tap into their true potential. I help them identify and showcase the skills, talents, gifts they have to offer so that they can leverage these core qualities with confidence for greater success in both work and life (and be more fulfilled).
I give you back your voice by drawing out what's already inside of you- then we create an actionable plan together step-by-step.